Contest: Win a Switch copy of Golf Peaks

Puzzle me this with today’s contest for Golf Peaks for Switch. Golf itself is stupid, but I’ve always enjoyed golf video games. Weird, right? It’s like, I can drink as much at home playing virtual golf as I would on a real golf course, for like 1/20 of the cost. And no one asks me […]

Review: Devil May Cry 5

I’ll never forget a conversation one of our readers had with someone who was down on Devil May Cry 5 after the reveal. Their response to another community member who felt burned by DmC: “Mate, there’s a giant monster eating cars with his chest in the trailer, the game is going to be fine.” How right they […]

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon will receive a physical release through Limited Run

Physical media fans Limited Run Games has announced that they will be selling a physical release of Inti Creates’ retro-infused title Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, the precursor to the highly anticipated Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Limited Run will be opening pre-orders on the 8-bit-style platformer, produced by Castlevania helmer Koji Igarashi, at 10:00 […]

Splatoon’s latest splatest getting medieval on your ass

Messers Pearl and Marina have clued us in on the details of the next splatfest, to take place on Nintendo Switch multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2. The new splatfest, which takes place in all territories next weekend, concerns the mystic tales of yore. Players will be asked to battle it out to ascertain which fantasy character […]

Review: Avo!

Avo! is a bizarre, interactive cinematic experience. It’s kind of like watching television, but you control where the main character moves and what objects they interact with. Almost every aspect of its presentation is live action with the exception of one adorable fruit named Avo. Avo is an avocado that’s been brought to life by […]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is getting a special ‘Fodlan Collection’ in Japan

Nintendo will be releasing a special edition of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Japan. Called the “Fódlan Collection,” it will contain special packaging (designed by Kazuyuki Koda), an artbook, a soundtrack selection disc, and a steelbook. It will be available the same day as Three Houses‘ standard edition on July 26, 2019. Alongside the announcement, […]

Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

Well, not quite nothing, but this week saw me spend little time playing video games than I have in months. Oh, of course I was still inundated with them; news, watching trailers, editing stories, and diving into videos of Cassie Cage and Kano throwing down in Mortal Kombat 11, but in terms of sitting, controller […]

SWAT fans might want to keep an eye on Ready or Not

Developer Void Entertainment has unveiled the first gameplay video of its tactical shooter Ready or Not. Announced nearly two years ago, this game is a return to the style of gameplay found in the popular SWAT series of games that last saw an entry in 2006 (excluding the mobile spin-offs). It looks brutal, violent, and […]

Contest: Win Skyhill for Nintendo Switch

Get ready for some survival horror in today’s contest for Skyhill for Nintendo Switch! I remember going into a hotel late at night, after a night of partying. It was so haunted. I asked the desk person if the joint was haunted. He did his best Vincent Price cackle and assure me the place wasn’t […]